Iconic Danish Design uses Danish Cord

They have names like Chinese, Peacock, CH44, PP201, Shaker and Church.  

They are all chairs. Famous chairs by famous Danish architects. 
They are between 50 and 80 years old – and they still look amazing. 

The chairs are refined, famous and elegant and the seats are braided Danish Cord. 

Skilled craftsmen have spent hours upon hours braiding the seats, tightening the cords and tying the knots, that you never see.   

Iconic furniture like these are passed down and cherished from generation to generation. 

rope furniture cord icons ChurchChair 2

rope furniture cord icons PP550PeacockChair 3

rope furniture cord icons CH25LoungeChair 5

rope furniture cord icons J39 ShakerChair 1

rope furniture cord icons CH24WishboneChair 4

Photos by: Pernille Klemp

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